Is Shaving a Way to Combat Baldness?

Is Shaving a Way to Combat Baldness?

Balding is common among men, and there are varying degrees of baldness. A man can have a receding hairline, a bald spot around the crown of the head, a combination of both, or he can even lose so much hair that he's only left with a small strip that extends from ear to ear just above the nape of the neck. While some men succeed with hair recovery methods to stop balding or even manage to reverse gray hair growth, some men will just stay with a receding, gray hairline. Whichever kind of baldness it is, most men don't like it. But one of the trends of the last decade has been for men to shave their heads, and you might be wondering if it's for you. There are pros and cons to completely shaving your head and to help you make the decision, we've listed them here.

Pro Number 1: It Can Help You Make Yourself Look Good

Since bald has become stylish for men, many people even like the look as much or more than a full head of hair. Many celebrities, such as Bruce Willis and Howie Mandel, had chosen to shave their heads when their hair began to thin, so the look is fashionable and mainstream.

Pro Number 2: You Don’t Have to Shampoo That Much

You might think that you could get away without shampooing a bald head, and to a certain extent, you can (if you want). But we recommend still caring for your scalp by dabbing a bit of shampoo and conditioner (just a tad) when you’re in the shower.

Pro Number 3: You Won't Have Bad Hair Days

When you shave your head, it will look the same every day, and you don't have to worry about bad haircuts or the cost of getting a haircut. All hair maintenance is done by you or your partner.

Pro Number 4: It's Cheaper Than Trying to Get Your Hair to Grow Back

Most products designed to get your hair to grow back don't work. Other products or surgeries work, but they are expensive. So shaving is really a cost-saving method.

Pro Number 5: You Look Good With Any Facial Hair Style

With a bald head, you can really emphasize your facial hair, and pretty much any style looks good with a bald head. Goatees, mustaches, and full beards all look good with a shaved head.

Pro Number 6: Cooling In The Summer

Women with long hair will tell you how hot hair can get in the summer, especially those with dark hair. Bald men, though, have the complete opposite experience. No sweat to worry about with a bald head - but be sure to use sunscreen!

Con Number 1: You Have to Keep Up with It

When you shave your head, you're committing to shaving it at least a few times a week. The number of times per week that you shave will partially depend on how quickly your hair grows, as well as how much you want your head to be perfectly smooth and how bald you are without shaving.

Con Number 2: Your Head Might Not Be Smooth

When you shave your head, all of the imperfections on your head will be exposed. Many people's heads have bumps and scars from an injury, and you might not like the appearance. It's also possible that you will realize that you don't like the overall shape of your head after you shave for the first time.

Con Number 3: You'll Need to Wear Hats and Sunscreen

When you have hair, you have a layer of protection against cold weather and the sun. When you shave all of it off, you lose that protection, so you need to wear hats to protect against cold weather and the sun, and you will need to remember sunscreen so that you don't burn your head if you decide to take your hat off.

Con Number 4: You Might Have Dry Scalp

If you have dry scalp, it's not going away just because you shave your head. You'll have to continue to put aloe or vitamin E on your head to prevent dry scalp.

Con Number 5: You'll Spend More on Razors

This is a tradeoff with not having to spend so much money on shampoo. The flip side is that you'll have to spend more money on razors. If you prefer to grow your beard out, you might not even be using a razor, so you'll have to spend the money on a safety razor or an electric one.

If you choose to shave your head, you're in good company. But make sure that you take your time to get the hang of shaving this new part of your head. It's not any more fun to nick your head than it is your face. And the first time you do it, be prepared to find moles and other imperfections.

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